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Friday, 1 May 2009 May 1, 2009

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Not a terribly productive day, I would like to say I was up early for May Morning but I wasn’t REALLY though I did hear a lot of people going past my window at about 4:45 am.

Have just been working on my article for ASAAH — for which I think I have a respectable outline and now just need to flesh it out — and then read most of the Neanderthal division of labor article, which is fascinating reading.  I am hoping to write an article for a popular science type publication called “It’s Culture, not Nature” (with the implied “stupid”) left off — about how it is not in our “nature” ie biology to have certain behaviors, rather that it is entirely learned (and therefore about the culture — ie, the “gender”).  All of my points have so far been made by this article so I’m not really sure how to approach it but we shall see.