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Tuesday 23 June 2009 June 23, 2009

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Must… get… better… at updating!!  Aaah.  Oh well, all is a work in progress.

Spent yesterday getting an emergency passport so I can travel for fieldwork.  Not a fantastic experience but… an experience nevertheless.

Today we had a chronology group meeting that was extremely helpful.  One of the members spoke about his recent confirmation of status and told us the following bits of advice for actually writing up the thesis:

“Be able to describe your thesis in two sentences.  Structure is the most important part of it, treat this as a massive extended essay, just answering one question — and that question should ideally be your title.  For example, “Developing new methods in ____ and then applying them to ______” allows a minor cheat for you to talk about development of methodology more.  Side projects may have to go somewhere else, as in, not into the thesis.  Get to what you did and don’t spend too many words or pages on your background information.  The title is critical — be specific to what you have done, but not ALL that you did.”

Very useful and words to remember.  Always keep the final product in mind.  Other projects are papers.

Links into an article on www.historiann.com about how quickly people should complete theses… their opinion is that long drawn out ones are good, but the commenters apparently don’t understand financial constraints?  Then again, they are also not in the British system, so that might have something to do with it.

Things to think about: emailing Vicky about lab work, GISPS, the Little Ice Age, and conference proceedings as publications.

Leaving for Iceland on Saturday, hope I’m ready for this sampling!  Rock on.