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Thursday 3 June 2009 June 4, 2009

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Lots of work has actually been occurring these past few days.

I made an outline of my entire DPhil, essentially, and even though the results and conclusion sections were totally blank — and the later chapters noticeably absent of details — I think it was probably pretty accurate and also pretty interesting.  I can almost see the end in sight (hopefully in slightly over a year).  I JUST WANT TO BE DONE.  Oh my god.  I can’t wait.

I still don’t have my passport or visa and am getting seriously concerned about it, as I am leaving for Iceland in only three weeks.  Yurgh.  My greatest fear is that my visa will be denied, while I am in Iceland (after having obtained an emergency passport from the US embassy) and then I will have to fly back to Denver from Reykjavik at a large expense.  For example, I thought that I might hedge my bets and buy a refundable ticket for just that… a refundable ticket for that flight, according to expedia, is $2504 and routes me through London.  A non-refundable ticket for right now is $500 but of course that price will skyrocket as we come nearer to the date.

I have also been doing a lot of reading, trying to get through articles.

1. Gender in archaeology’s take on women in Scandinavia in the Iron Age and the Viking Age — theoretically women’s status dropped as religion shifted to warrior cult in Viking Age, who knows/unclear.  Alternately women may have had a spinning industry?  Isn’t this also true in the SWern US Pueblo cultures?

2. Lots of different NABO articles about Iceland and Greenland.  Patterns of settlement there, and also the massive hall at Hofstadir, which apparently had cow skulls hanging on its outer walls (Awesome!).

I still feel like moving through these articles is like moving through molasses, and that as I finish one, a bazillion more crop up.  Oh well.


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